How to use your RasQberry

The RasQberry project: Exploring Quantum Computing and Qiskit with a Raspberry Pi and a 3D Printer

How to use your RasQberry

In this document you can find information on how to use your RasQberry

Start your RasQberry

On the opposite site of your touch display you can see a hole, which is big enough to insert your stilo pen. By inserting th pen and pressing the button once you turn on the battery.
On the right side from the touch display you can see a bigger hole. This is big enough for a USB-C Charger to recharge the battery if necessary.



Shutdown and turn of your RasQberry

First close all open windows.
Next you need to shutdown your RasQberry pi.
The last thing is to turn off the battery. In the hole on the opposite site if the display, insert your stilo pen and press the button twice. The battery is now turned off.

Overview Desktop

With your stylo pen you can tip onto the very top of your touch display (first pixel-row) or if you have a mouse connected you can move it to top of your screen.
The taskbar appears.


On the left side you can see the applications’ menu, the RasQerry Configuration Tool, the reboot button and the shutdown button.
On the right side you can see the VNC Viewer and the Wi-Fi.
You can find the virtual keyboard in the application menu under Accessories.

The Desktop Icons

When you installed RasQberry on your Raspberry Pi then there should be an icon on your desktop.

Kivy Interface

When you click this icon you open the kivy user interface in which you can navigate through the demos and serious games.

The Applications Menu

In the Applications Menu you can find all RasQberry Demos.
Under Demos you’ll find the Demos that you can use with your touch display and the LED Lights.
Under HD Demos you’ll find the Demos we would recommend using a larger screen or the second VNC Screen.

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